St Mary's Church of England Primary School

St Mary's Church of England Primary School



Amber Class 



                                                             Welcome to Amber Class


 In Reception we are very lucky that we can take our learning both indoors and outdoors. The children have loved exploring and sharing adventures in the classroom and in the outside area. 

Phonics and writing

 We have continued to develop our segmenting and writing skills. We are working on, capital letter, finger space and full stop, as well as applying digraphs and tricky words when writing sentences.

We have continued learning new tricky words.



 In Maths, we learned one less than a given number, we have continued counting things that can and cannot be moved, number recognition and ordering numbers. We will be learning, odd and even numbers in coming weeks.


Understanding of the world

We have been learning all about under the sea. Our children have been very inquisitive learning about our oceans and creatures that live under the sea as well as learning about  different types of ships. We used lego and junk to make models.