Diamond Class 2 (Year 1)

Autumn 1

 Welcome to Diamond 2! Everyone has settled well and all of the children have been keen to learn from the start. 


Our history topic this term is Kings, Queens and Castles. We have really enjoyed learning about the parts of a castle and what they were used for. We even made our own castles and had a go at shooting a lolly stick arrow through an arrow slit (it was much harder to get it through the gap than we thought)!




Autumn 2



In English this term, we have been reading the book Supertato. We have enjoyed creating a story map of the story and writing a character description of Supertato. We love this story, especially when we have to read in a character voice! 


In Maths, we are working hard to learn our number bonds within 10 and we have started to write number sentences for addition.  


We are looking forward to making maps of our school and local area in Geography.