Diamond Class (Year 1) 

Spring Term

To celebrate Easter, we had our Easter hat parade and hunted Easter chicks, kindly organised by Paddlers.

Congratulations to our two Easter hat winners!



During this spring term we have been learning about the Polar Regions. 

We have enjoyed learning about the work of Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak. We have created pictures of birds and fish using a range of media. 

We have made some fantastic information posters about Antarctica. 

We will also be learning about polar explorers. If you went on an expedition, anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

In science we have been learning about famous Scientist and Inventors. Here is a display of our work. 


In computing, we have been learning to create instructions for our Beebots. We created our own maps and then had to decide which instructions to input so that the Beebot travelled the chosen route.


Diamond Class have enjoyed some fun and engaging visits and special days this term.

We visited St. Mary's Church to have a look around and learn about special artefacts and the history of the church. 


We have also visited Burnham library to find out how we can use the library to find and borrow books. 


We also enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We were challenged to make a 'Book in a Box' which we could use to retell our favourite stories. We enjoyed hearing a range of stories and we are now starting to learn the names of lots of new and exciting authors. 

World Book Day



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 Autumn Term

In the second half of the autumn term we have been very busy with a range of activities. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring nature in our Forest School sessions. 



We have also learnt about different types of leaves. We have looked closely at the colours and shapes of the leaves and used this knowledge in our art lessons. We learnt about collage and based our work upon the work of artist and author, Jeannie Baker, 



Autumn 1. Welcome to Year 1. In Diamond class, we have been busy practising our phonics, reading, handwriting, number skills and topic work. We have enjoyed our time in our new classroom as well as using the outdoor area for learning. 

        Design Technology:

We have been practising our cutting and sticking skills. Do you like the houses we made for the Three Little Pigs?




We are reading some traditional tales and have been listening to different versions, we have also been practising our oral retelling of the story of the Little Red Hen. 



We have been making sure that we can order and compare numbers. Here we are using apparatus to compare numbers on the playground



We have been exploring our wonderful world as part of our learning about Creation.























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