Online Safety

Computer technology is an essential resource for supporting teaching and learning. The Internet, and other digital and information technologies, open up opportunities for pupils and play an important role in their everyday lives. We aim to ensure that our pupils and staff appropriately and safely use the Internet and other digital technology devices at all times and we are committed to providing a safe learning and teaching environment.

We educate the pupils in this through:

  • teaching about online safety across the curriculum on a regular basis, ensuring that pupils are aware of the safe use of new technology both inside and outside of the school;
  • educating the pupils about the importance of online safety and encouraging them to be critically aware of the content they access online, including extremist material and the validity of website content;
  • teaching pupils to acknowledge information they access online, so that they avoid copyright infringement and/or plagiarism;
  • establishing an school online safety code that we all follow at all times;
  • teaching pupils how to report any suspicious use of the internet and digital devices;
  • educating pupils about cyber bullying, including how to report it;
  • discussing and educating the pupils about the social effects of spending too much time online and where to access help;
  • inviting specialist guests and holding focused online safety events and activities such as St Mary's Online Safety Week, National Safer Internet Day and Anti Bullying Week, to promote online safety.

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