Eco Team

At St Mary's we have an active Eco-team who lead the school forward in keeping our school as 'green' as it can be.

We have 10 pupils on the team and they have a noticeboard to share their action plan and accomplishments. The team members all wear badges or special caps so that everyone knows who they are.

The team meet regularly and run assemblies to keep the school on track with their work; there are 3 specific roles within the team: energy enforcers, litter leaders and recycling rangers.

The Eco-team present their ideas to the rest of the school in assembly and everyone joins in on different projects. For example, the children have sometimes been invited to help the Burnham Railway Task Force with their activities at the railway station.

We have a composting system in place and we recycle as much as we are able to. This also helps us to raise money, which is then invested back into our school environment and the Eco-team’s work.








9th June 2016 - The Eco-team took part in a Bio Blitz activity led by Essex Wildlife Trust. They located and identified different species of wildlife and plants in our school grounds. They then created a poster of all of their findings.