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Documents for meeting 8th July 2024

SEND Policy 2024

SEND Information Report 2024

Attendance Policy September 2024

2024 statutory data update (EYFS, Y1 Phonics, Y4 MTC, Y6 TAs)

Brief Safeguarding Update

Month 3 CCS

CCS Notes

Month 3 Breakfast and Teatime

Month 3 Prim and infant School Meals

Copy of contracts document

Documents for meeting 13th May 2024

Staff wellbeing survey summary Feb 2024

Reception maths data spring 2024

Y1-6 maths data spring 2024

Maths data commentary spring 2024

Reception reading and writing data spring 2024

Y1-6 reading and writing data spring 2024

Reading and writing commentary spring 2024

CCS Notes Month 1.pdf

Month 1 CCS.pdf

Attendance data for governors spring and summer 2024

Brief safeguarding update 13 May 2024

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy May 2024

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Child on Child Abuse Policy May 2024

Behaviour and Discipline Principles and Policy Summer 2024

Capability Procedure Summer 2024

Whistleblowing Policy Summer 2024

Redundancy and Restructuring Procedure Summer 2024

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy Summer 2024

E-Safety Policy Summer 2024

Charging and Remissions Policy Summer 2024

School Improvement Plan 2023-24

Documents for meeting 11th March 2024

Annual filtering and monitoring report March 2024

Internal Scrutiny Report 2024

Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Employment 2024

Grievance Procedure March 2024

Probation Procedure March 2024

Leave of Absence Policy April 2024

Menopause Policy March 2024

Flexible Working April 2024

Children with Medical Needs Who Cannot Attend School March 2024

Equalities Scheme and Objectives April 2024

SFVS Document 2023-2024

Documents for meeting 29th January 2024

Policy schedule Dec 23 with designated responsibilities

School Improvement Plan 2023-24

EYFS Reading and Writing Data

Y1-6 Reading and Writing Data

Reading and Writing Data Commentary

EYFS Maths Data

Y1-6 Maths Data

Maths Data Commentary

Finance Regulations 2024

School term and holiday 2024-25

Attendance Overview Aut 23-Spring 24

Children in Care and Pupil Premium update January 2024

Remote Learning Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Publication Scheme 2024

Parent Carer Code of Conduct 2024

Designated Teacher for Children in Care 2024

Information Governance Strategy 2024

Pupil Friendly Privacy Notice 2024

Accessibility Plan 2024

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan 2024

IT Systems and Recovery Document 2024

Discipline and Dismissal Procedure 2024

Complaints Policy 2024

Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy January 2024

Voluntary Helpers January 2024

Equality Scheme 2024

Documents for meeting 13th November 2023

Pupil Premium Progress November 2023
School uniform updated October 2023

School achievement data for July 2023 updated with national

Dealing with safeguarding allegations against staff 2023

Early Career Teachers 2023

Code of conduct Sept 2023

Child Protection Policy Sept 2023

Critical incidents management plan Nov 2023

School photography and other activities privacy notice November 2023

Overarching Privacy Notice November 2023

Attendance Policy November 2023

Admissions Policy 2025-26

SIF 2025-26

Pay Policy October 2023