Monday 30th March Parent/Carer Update

Good afternoon everyone


I hope that you are all keeping well and still finding things to keep you all busy in your homes. We have had just two children at school today, but I'm pleased that we are still able to keep going and provide care for these families. It means that these parents/carers are able to go out and get on with their jobs, which will save people's lives.

We have been working on a rota today, so that we are able to continue to offer care for key workers' children over the Easter holidays. We know that some key workers will need to keep going and that the virus won't be stopping for a holiday. At the moment, I am here every day, but the teachers are on a rota so that they are in school during one week and then working from home during the week after. They are all working on school tasks and activities when they are not on site. We have also planned for all teachers to have two week breaks, staggered over the next few weeks, so that they may switch off their school emails and messages and have a chance to recuperate. They will let you know when their break is coming up. We are expecting to be in this for the long haul, so I hope that this will allow everyone to keep going for as long as necessary.

I hope that those of you who are eligible for free school meals have been able to collect the vouchers that the school has organised. Please let Lisa Bird know if you have any queries or difficulties with this.

Best wishes, Geraldine Denham-Hale