Thursday 2nd April parent/carer update

Good afternoon everyone.

I do hope that you are OK and things are settling down into a bit of a routine for you. We have had just two children at school today and Mrs Warnes and Mrs Quilter have been here with them. The children seem to be having a nice time each day.

The big news today is, of course, Google Classroom. Everyone is very excited to be able to communicate with their pupils again. It looks like the children are enjoying contacting their teachers and classmates too! I am glad that we have now got this up and running, as the teachers will be able to set tasks more regularly and keep in touch directly about the learning. 

We have today asked the critical worker families to contact us to let us know when they will require care over the holiday weeks. This means that we will be closing the school on days when no care is required over the holidays, so you may not get replies by email or phone on some days in the next two weeks.

It feels strange that tomorrow is the last day of term and should be the day of the Easter headdress parade and the chick hunt. I introduced these events to St Mary's when I started here 17 years ago and this will be the first time in all those years that they have not happened at all. Normality seems a long way away, but hopefully it will return again some day soon.


Best wishes, Geraldine Denham-Hale