Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report September 2022

Pupils at St Mary’s Church of England school are happy and appreciate their teachers. They enjoy the ambitious curriculum and work that is set for them. Pupils strive to do their best.

We are very pleased to say that St Mary's most recent Ofsted inspection in September 2022 judged the school to be a good school. We are extremely proud of everyone at St Mary’s, whose hard work, dedication and commitment are reflected in this really positive inspection report. Our report recognises the high expectations of leaders, teachers and others in the school, which contribute to the children’s strong academic attainment, good behaviour and wellbeing.

Our Ofsted report captures the ethos of St Mary’s very well, stating that, Pupils behave well and show respect through their understanding of each other’s differences. The report also recognises the strong partnership with our parents/carers, stating that, "Parents are appreciative of the commitment from staff and leaders. As a result, a number of parents commented positively on the support their children had received."  

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Pupils are listened to, and their well-being is well considered. These factors, alongside high expectations, contribute to the good behaviour of pupils.


Leaders have designed an interesting curriculum that is delivered lesson by lesson so that pupils achieve well. Teachers have strong knowledge of the subjects they teach.