Opal Class (Year 3)

Autumn 1


The children in Opal have settled in well to life in Year 3. We have been thinking a lot about 'The Power of Yet'. We have been sharing things that we are good at as well as our aspirations for the year, thinking about how we will work hard to achieve them.


In Maths, we have been looking at the place value of numbers up to 1000! We have been partitioning, adding and using number lines to help us with this. We have also been challenging ourselves by using 2 counters to represent different 3-digit numbers. 


In English, we have been reading 'Stone Age Boy' in connection with our current History topic. We've had lots of fun predicting different parts of the story, acting scenes out and thinking about what it would be like to explore the caves. We put ourselves in the main character's shoes and used adjectives, expanded noun phrases and our senses to describe our time in the cave.